My Last ( ? )

If you’re my fate, the time will come and it serves both of us right
Personality and taste, it was all there when we are together.
The one that is not perfect is all about time
I think the feeling of young love is unique

Maybe it’s my desire to be on my own, but she helps me accomplish it
There’s a new energy, a new experience
That really can push me to do more anyone or anywhere else

She never really felt like she was fall in love,
She haven’t got the emotions of being hurt or health
The one of greatest gift that ever been alive for her
is the ability to give, receive, and to lose the love

You are who I love, who makes the feeling around me becomes actually true …
You are what I love, the depth, the inside jokes, or even the best friend …
You are when, a new history should being started with you, we are the young lovers …
You are where I love, because I won’t go anywhere, for just to be with you …
You are why I love, because before you I don’t truly understand what I’m looking for …
And now you’ve given my past and maybe the future …Image

Out of those five, you are the six, you’ve taken the all of them …


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